Geocaching and Letterboxing: Join In the Fun!

By Miss Audrey & Miss Julie

Geocaching and Letterboxing can take a day at the park from ordinary to phenomenal!  They are perfect activities all year long for someone like me who loves solving puzzles.  There are many websites and apps you can explore for both activities.  

We recommend starting geocaching with the app that can be downloaded at You will need an item to leave behind in the caches.  It can be anything you can imagine, but the best ideas are those you create yourself!  Paint a rock, create your own stickers or make simple friendship bracelets to leave behind.  You can certainly find old, small toys in your closet or at the dollar store.  But, the most interesting and enjoyable ones to see at any cache are the unique ones that geocachers have made themselves. 

Getting ready to go Letterboxing takes different preparation.  There are many websites to choose from.  We recommend starting at or  After choosing the first Letterboxes you’d like to start with you will need to collect or create your supplies.  You will need a stamp (and a stamp pad or marker) and a notebook or journal of some kind.  You can use your stamp to leave “your mark” in the journal that you will find in the letterboxes you find.  You can use the stamp you find in each letterbox to keep a record of the letterboxes you visited and when. 

To make your own stamp, you can google “make my own stamp for letterboxing” and find many ideas. 

 You can easily make your own Letterboxing journal too. Just take a few pieces of white paper in a stack and simply fold them in half. Staple the folded edge to resemble a book. Decorate the front page with your name, personal stamp or whatever makes you happy! 

Have fun following the clues and finding your buried treasure! 

And don't forget to check out our video for more fun and excitement!