Meet the Winning Coaster Artists | Aude Shattuck

Meet the Winning KDL Coaster Artists | Aude Shattuck

We had so many great entries in the inaugural KDL Coaster Art Contest, but in the end, we could only choose five winners. Meet Aude Shattuck, whose coaster designs will be available at Archival Brewing in Belmont and Broad Leaf Brewery & Spirits in Kentwood.

What can you tell us about yourself?

I am primarily a digital artist that works in both 2D and 3D. Lately I’ve been rediscovering my love of playing with different traditional mediums and learning new things. I have my B.A.S in Digital Animation and Game Design from Ferris State University and have been working as an artist for almost a decade.

I grew up reading voraciously and have a long-lasting love of fantasy novels and comics made for everyone of all ages... that influences my art more than anything. I search for the magic in all things I encounter.

What’s the story behind your art submission?

This piece is a book wyrm- heh heh heh “book worm”?! Dragons are some of my favorite creatures and have so much range in the stories they appear in, from Falkor the Luck Dragon to Smaug. Instead of a fearsome horde of gold, this one seeks knowledge and to build their library of beautiful books.

What’s the finest beverage that could sit on your coaster?

Either a semi-sweet red wine or mimosa. I have to admit I am a tough sell on ales and beers. I love sweet and fruity ones and am always looking for recommendations!

Tell us what the library means to you.

Libraries are places not just to explore ideas, but safe spaces. As a teen, I was a constant volunteer at my tiny community library. (I spent so much time there after school; they kept me busy.) When I started college, I was a student worker in my school’s academic library. This led me back to public libraries and to my community. I have been an Assistant Librarian for KDL for around 7.5 years.

More of Aude's artistry can be found on Instagram at @audeshattuck.