Preparing for our New Branch!

By Elizabeth Guarino-Kozlowicz, Manager of Library Collections

In late January, KDL will open the doors of its 20th branch, the Amy Van Andel Library and Community Center. The Collection Development and Collections Services departments of KDL have had the honor and privilege to build the collection for our newest branch from the ground up.

“It’s always fun to create a brand new collection. I get to choose the best of the best in every genre, from the latest and greatest must-haves of 2020 to beloved classics. My goal is to make sure everyone will find something incredible to read,” said Samantha Hodge,  Collection Development Librarian.

Once the materials are ordered, they are all received by the team in the Collection Services Department, where they are processed to become part of KDL’s collection.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in the preparation of materials for the new library," said Kathy Pluymert, a Collection Services Assistant. "I think of the many men, women and children who will benefit from our work, and it gives me joy to be part of it!"

One special feature of the collection is more than 400 vinyl records.

“Having our local record store, Vertigo Music, help with the task of purchasing over 400 albums for the branch was immeasurable. I'm so glad that KDL is able to use local vendors,” said Stacy Schuster, Collection Development Librarian.

The collection is being stored at the KDL Service Center until items can be moved to the Amy Van Andel Library and Community Center in January.

We can't wait to welcome you to our new branch!