Three Generations of KDL Employees

KDL is a great place to work. Just ask these lovely ladies.... a grandma/mother/daughter trio. Each one is a current or former KDL employee. Three generations of KDL staffers in one family!

Betty is the grandma. She was a page at the Grandville Branch from 1994 to 1998.  She loved the people, the flexible schedule and how close the library was to her home. Working at KDL was her first job in over 35 years, since becoming a mom. She was recently widowed when she started working at KDL.

Sandy, the mother, has been an Assistant Branch Librarian at the Byron Township Branch for almost 20 years.  Her favorite part about working for KDL is her friendly co-workers who are like family to her. She also loves seeing all the different items that circulate beyond books.

Daughter Courtney has been a Shelver at the Grandville Branch since March and loves her job! Her favorite thing about working at KDL is how friendly everyone is.  She also loves the organizational aspect of shelving and keeping items in order.

We are so grateful to have this family as part of our KDL family!