What to Read Next: The One and Only Bob

The One and Only BobCatch up with the world of The One and Only Ivan in an incredible sequel staring Ivan’s friend Bob. Bob, along with his two best friends, sets off on a journey to find his long-lost sister. When a hurricane approaches, Bob has to find courage that he didn’t know he had. Read The One and Only Bob to catch up on your friends Bob, Ivan, and Ruby before viewing The One and Only Ivan in a new movie this August!  

If you love the world in The One and Only Bob, I recommend trying another title by Katherine Applegate. Crenshaw is a cat. He’s large, he’s outspoken, and he’s imaginary. 11-year-old Jackson and his family have fallen on hard times. There is little money for rent or food. They may have to live in their van again. Will Crenshaw’s arrival back in Jackson’s life be enough to help the family?  

If you love the journey of The One and Only Bob, try Pax by Sara Pennypacker. Pax was only a kit when his mother was killed and he was adopted by his boy, Peter. But now a war is coming and Peter must go live with his grandfather. His stern father makes Peter set Pax free in the wilderness. Before one day ends at his Grandfather’s, Peter’s regret spur him into action. He packs his bags and treks off to find Pax, while Pax is searching for Peter. This story is told in opposing viewpoints between the fox and the boy as they struggle to find each other against all odds.  

Do you enjoy weather related struggles? Hurricane Child by Kheryn Callender might be for you. Caroline’s birth during a hurricane has given her bad luck for her entire life. She is the most bullied student at her school, a spirit only she can see is following her, and worst of all, her mother left and never came back. Then one day a new girl arrives at her school. Kalinda is kind and she becomes Caroline’s best and only friend. Caroline must find the strength to confront the new feelings she has for Kalinda, the spirit who is stalking her, and the reason her mother left.  

For a light read from the point of view of a dog, try Spunky Tells All. Spunky is happy in his life with his wonderful family. The family thinks that Spunky would be happy if they adopted a cat. (I think so too!) Spunky thinks otherwise! But the kitten turns out to need protection from her own self. It’s up to Spunky to save the kitty from her various escapades.  

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Happy Reading!