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Here's how it works
Follow these easy steps
500 Days of Reading prize
Tips for inspiring young readers
What parents need to know

One massive goal. One day at a time.

  • An out-of-this-world reading program for K-3rd graders with prizes. 
  • Help children learn to love reading and meet new Read by Grade Three requirements. 
  • Get support for Individual Reading Improvement Plans (IRIPs).
  • Every completer wins a book and a new e-reader! 
  • Visit any KDL Branch to sign up then prepare for blast off!

Here's how it works

Mission: READ helps beginning readers in kindergarten through third grade read at grade level and advance to fourth grade.

We're inviting young, beginning readers (kindergarten through third grade) to come with us on a trip that's out of this world! The mission is to read for 1,000 days before 6th grade. 1,000 days sounds like a lot—and it is—but Mission: READ makes it fun!

Readers will never be told what books to read and never have to set a timer. At the end of every day, they simply ask themselves, “Hey, did I read today?” If the answer is yes, they fill in a circle in their journal. Just like that, they'll be one day closer to the 1,000 day goal! They'll learn how easy it is to read every day and how it makes them a better reader. When reading becomes a daily habit, so many things become easier and more fun!

Mission: READ can also be done online via Beanstack. Sign up and participate via the Beanstack website, opens a new window or their app (Android, opens a new window | iOS, opens a new window).

Follow these easy steps

  1. Sign up at any Kent District Library location.
  2. Receive a reading log and a solar system poster. For each day of reading, color in a circle on the reading log. Any reading during the day counts.
  3. After reading for 100 days, come to the library for a planet sticker. Make sure to come back every 100 days of reading to get another sticker—collect the entire solar system of planets.
  4. After 500 days, pick out a free book to keep (see next section).
  5. And finally, after 1,000 days, receive an e-reader!

500 Days of Reading prize

Readers who track 500 days in the Mission: READ challenge get to pick one title to keep as their very own. View full list.


Booster Packs

Each KDL Booster Pack, opens a new window contains books, educational games and activities to engage young readers in a fun way while building their reading skills. Check availability of Booster Packs in the KDL catalog

Book and activity lists

Mission: READ! Phonemic Awareness

This group of books provides practice in phonemic awareness, a reading skill that helps kids hear the sounds in words. Usually these book have a strong rhythm or rhyme and let kids predict the words that will come next.

View full book list

Download a worksheet and activities list for phonemic awareness

Mission: READ! Phonics

This list is designed to help kids improve their understanding of phonics, one of the components of reading. Phonics is used when kids understand that letters have sounds. Explore all areas of reading development on our missionread.org page including programs, activities, and book lists that support your child's skills in reading.

View full book list

Download a worksheet and activities list for phonics

Mission: READ! Fluency

This list provides books that support kids develop fluency. Fluency is the ability to read a text smoothly. Learn more about our reading program, activities, and strategies that support this skill at www.missionread.org.

View full book list

Download a worksheet and activities list for fluency

Mission:READ! Vocabulary

This list is composed of books that will help your child develop a wider vocabulary, which helps them understand what their reading and is a component or reading development. Enjoy these books that have a wide variety of words!

View full book list

Download a worksheet and activities list for vocabulary

Mission: READ! Comprehension

This list is aimed at helping kids understand more about what they read as they're reading it. The skill of comprehension is really important in reading development. Learn more about ways to support and develop this skill through www.missionread.org.

View full book list

Download a worksheet and activities list for comprehension

Tips for inspiring young readers

How to find great books

  • Choose books that the reader is interested in.
  • Check out different areas of the library. Try non-fiction, fiction, audiobooks, graphic novels or magazines.
  • It's okay to reread a favorite book.
  • It's okay to read books that are above or below the usual reading level.
  • Ask a librarian for suggestions.
  • If a book isn't enjoyable, put it aside and try another. Books from the library are free to check out and there's no penalty for not finishing a book.

Becoming an expert reader

  • It's okay to reread favorite books and poems.
  • Kids can read to a grown up, a pet or favorite stuffed animal.
  • Kids (and grown ups) are never too old to have stories read to them.
  • Choose a chapter book and read to beginning readers before bed. The library has lots of audiobooks for listening anywhere and on the go.
  • Ask a librarian. We know lots of activities to help boost reading skills.
  • Want to strengthen reading? Keep reading!

What parents need to know

The Read by Grade Three law requires that all students in kindergarten through third grade are tested three times each school year. Schools will help students who are not reading at their grade level. Teachers will give parents an Individual Reading Improvement Plan (IRIP) and a Read at Home Plan. The IRIP includes five different reading skills:

  • Phonemic awareness (sounds)
  • Phonics (letters)
  • Fluency (reading smoothly)
  • Vocabulary (knowing words and their meanings)
  • Comprehension (understanding stories)

At the end of third grade, all students will be tested with the M-Step reading assessment. If their score is too low, they may not move to the fourth grade.

Mission: READ resources include:

  • A reading incentive program for young readers, designed to build a love of reading
  • Activity lists with books and activities that grow the five different reading skills
  • Expert librarians who can help parents find resources and learn reading tips
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