Free Screening of BLACK MAN

We are so pleased to partner with Celebration Cinema to present a free screening of the film BLACK MAN, taking place at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, February 28 at Celebration! Cinema South. Guests will have the opportunity to meet Jon Wesley Covington, the filmmaker. Popcorn and pop will be provided while supplies last. Registration is required. Recommended for older teens and adults.

BLACK MAN chronicles the lives of 32 African American men of all ages, occupations and experiences. The stories are compelling, powerful and universal. Subjects include local barbers, a fireman, a college president, ministers, unemployed laborers, athletes, students, a judge, an artist, non-profit managers, teachers, a coach and many other neighbors. Learn more at

“All of us have a great human-interest story we could boldly share when we forget about the judging camera of life in front of us," Covington said. "The men in BLACK MAN forgot about that camera!”