Literacy Champion Spotlight: Glasmiri Jaglowski

Last year, KDL asked patrons to nominate individuals and organizations for KDL's Literacy Champion Award. The submissions were so inspiring!

Glasmiri Jaglowski, a healthcare worker, was the winner. She said reading is as important to her as breathing. 

Eleven people nominated Glas. Here are some highlights:

"Glasmiri is someone who I love working with. She is always sharing with us the books that she is reading. She encourages her coworkers to continue learning and growing through the world of books. She has a wide knowledge of all different genres of books. She not only recommends books of your interest but will also show you how to get them." 

"Glas brings in new, interesting books each week to share with the staff. She reads to us out loud, teaches us things we would never have explored on our own, and makes learning fun. She is constantly encouraging us to visit our local library and check out a book or two. She is the reason I started reading books again. She is an amazing, caring individual that wants to expand knowledge for all through reading." 

"Glas is always recommending the books she reads or inviting her co-workers for library dates. She takes her kids for regular trips and is thrilled when a group of us tag along for the outing. Her passion for literature is evident in her conversations. She'll often reference her latest read during discussions, whether it be politics, beauty, current event etc. We jokingly call her our resident nerd and book worm (with love and respect, of course.) She graciously accepts our teasing and is proud to be known for her book-loving tendencies. She's always encouraging us to get away from our electronics and get out in the fresh air with a new book. I don't know anyone more deserving of this award than her." 

"Glas is constantly reading. She loves to spend her free time at the library, even when she goes on vacation, she finds the closest one to explore. We worked night shift together and to pass the time, she would read the staff her most recent finds. One of her favorite things was to read to any pregnant staff member. But it is never children's books, it is scientific articles or books about astrophysics." 

"Glas is a lifelong learner and loves to share her passion of learning with her friends. She is an avid reader and educates us on everything from current events, astrophysics, Isaac Newton's life, and medical journals. Every Sunday, she brings the New York Times crossword puzzle to do together as a way to build team bonding. She is the definition of a lifelong scholar. "

What's your favorite library service or program and why?

My favorite library service would have to be the book discussions. Having an assigned book to read gives me the opportunity to read literature outside of my comfort genre. It also allows me to connect with others in the community with different backgrounds.

Tell us about your favorite library memory.


One of my favorite memories as a kid in Brooklyn was going on a field trip to the local library and getting my library card. I was so proud to have one. I carried it with me everywhere. Nowadays, I have my current library card number memorized and people are impressed by that.

The library's mission is to further all people. How has the library furthered you?


Working in healthcare these past few years has been challenging. Going to my local library has helped me be correctly informed of current events.  Certain media outlets focus on certain types of demographics. Meanwhile, the library gives me access to accurate information in a non-biased format.
If you would like to nominate a person or organization for the 2023 Literacy Champion Award, please visit Winners will receive two tickets to the Literary Libations gala, $1,000 and a crystal trophy.
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