Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Book

We want you to get just the right books, and we can help in multiple ways.

Of course, you can visit any of our 20 branches to browse our shelves or get recommendations from a librarian. You can also browse our online catalog and place holds at kdl.org.

Make sure to check out our Personalized Picks service. Tell us what you like to read, and we'll use that information to create a list of recommendations just for you. We'll even provide links to our online catalog so you can place a hold or find the item's location.

If you read a book in a series and want to know what book comes next, check out our helpful What's Next database. 

Let us do the browsing for you and request a Book Bundle. You'll let us know what types of books you want, and we'll give you a collection of titles we think you are going to love. 

And don't forget that our website contains tons of book recommendations through staff picks, bestsellers, future releases, new titles and more.

Happy reading!