Staff Story: Step Right Up!

You may have noticed that each of our branches now features a prize wheel. When someone signs up for a library card, they can spin the wheel and win a fun prize like a sticker, reading light or personalized book recommendation. Karen, a staff member from our Wyoming Branch, shared this sweet story.

There was a large group of boys, around 14 years old, leaving the library.  One of them yelled out "Can I spin the wheel?" thinking he was being smart in front of his buds.  The others giggled.  I instantly said, "C'mon on over."  Four of them came over and I encouraged one of them to give it a spin!  So, he did. 

When it stopped, I told him he had won a prize. He got excited. I looked up the number and told him he had won a joke.  I asked him, "How many apples grow on a tree?"  He thought for a few seconds and said he didn't know. I said, "All of them!"  His buddies all laughed with him.  They thought it was great.  Another one asked, "Can I come in tomorrow and spin?"  I said, "You sure can!"  

We don't always have such great interactions with large groups of kids, but this one was spectacular!  
Thanks for sharing, Karen. And thanks for making sure all our patrons feel accepted and appreciated!