Celebrating Sandy’s 37 Years at KDL

On August 11, the amazing Sandy Graham, Regional Manager at the Alto and Englehardt (Lowell) Branches, will retire from KDL after 37 years of dedicated service. We can hardly imagine KDL without her and are so grateful for the impact she has had on the entire KDL community. Sandy is fun, kind, smart and dedicated... the perfect combination for a wonderful librarian. 

"Sandy has been an exceptional team player, always willing to go the extra mile to support colleagues and ensure the success of the entire organization," said Jennifer DeVault, Director of Library Operations at KDL. "She consistently displays strong leadership qualities and has a remarkable ability to motivate and inspire others, leading by example and fostering a positive and collaborative work environment."

Congratulations on your retirement, Sandy! We wish you all the best. Make sure to visit KDL regularly. 

A message from Sandy:

After 37 years, it’s amazing to look back and see all the changes that have happened at Kent District Library -- including that name, switching from Kent County Library. When I started, we were hand stamping due dates on every book. Now, with the KDL app, Libby, Hoopla and Kanopy, you can have an amazing library in your back pocket. 

Working with our local kids has been a definite highlight of my career. KDL’s early literacy efforts are one of our crown jewels. Starting with the preschool storytimes and going on to classroom visits, working with our young patrons to develop a love of reading has been a pleasure. In addition, it has been rewarding to help them feel comfortable interacting with adults outside their family circle and using a local, lifelong resource. 

It has been an honor and privilege to promote everything KDL has to offer. Our physical collection and great programs are self-evident. Other treasures, not so much. I have really enjoyed being able to tell people about our digital offerings, Perk Passes, databases and more. Over and over, people have expressed surprise at everything they can get with their library card. 

I have put a lot of effort toward making KDL an important part of the Lowell and Alto communities -- and loved doing it. It is going to be exciting to be on the community side of things and consume KDL! I am looking forward to now having time to read all the terrific books that have passed through my hands these 37 years. 

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