Stump the Librarian: Crashing ‘Caps

Greetings and salutations! Jill & Liz of KDL’s Stump the Librarian Podcast are here to answer your tough questions! In this episode, Jill jumps into the waves and discovers the reasons for those wonderful whitecaps crashing about in the water... but not at the ballpark! Suit up for some physics. Liz discusses both bus stops in the UK and some amazing airports in the US. Do you know in which airport you might be able chat with a gargoyle, or one where you can listen to conversations from the control tower? Listen in and find out—maybe while waiting for a flight out of town. Jill recommends a great chapter book featuring hummingbears (you read that right) and screechers, creatures that the main character loves more than people!

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Check out the books we referenced in this week’s episode: 

150 Happy Facts

Willodeen by Katherine Applegate