Stump the Librarian: What a Jam!

On this episode of Stump the Librarian, we are all over the board with our questions, and that’s our jam! We love learning and sharing all this cool knowledge with you. We have two delightful questions, “What are the triangles on the power lines?” and “What kinds of fish have lungs and gills?” and one delicious question, “What is the difference between jams and jellies?” And wow, let me tell you, this episode does not disappoint!

Courtnei makes a devastating realization about a beloved fish, Emily professes her love for making preserves and Jill supports us through it all! As always, don’t forget to join us every other Wednesday to learn a little more about what’s up with the world around us and see if we get stumped by listener questions. You can submit your own stumper of a question to Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast via or wherever you prefer to listen, so you never miss an episode. You can also reach us with your questions or fan mail at 

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