This is What It’s All About…

Enjoy this feedback on our Mission Read program from Ruth, a patron at our Cascade Twp. Branch. Thank you so much for sharing. We are proud of you, Juliette!

Juliette has always struggled with reading and was delayed in her phonemic awareness skills. After finally getting a diagnosis of dyslexia, I researched to get her the help that she needed. Motivating her to practice her reading was
very difficult.

She started Mission: Read in January of 2019 and it has helped give her excitement to read. Now that she's getting even closer to her goal she doesn't even argue about reading and will occasionally pick up a book on her own to read. This thrills me! She went from not even knowing her letter sounds to now being able to read at a first grade level!

I'm so glad that she had the opportunity to do Mission: Read. I feel like it played an important part in providing the motivation Juliette needed to learn the important skill of reading and I couldn't be more grateful!