About the Bookmobile

The KDL Bookmobile delivers information, ideas and excitement

The KDL Bookmobile brings library services to patrons in far or underserved communities, supports access to wide community resources and builds meaningful relationships that foster love for literacy and lifelong learning. 

The project was made possible through the generous donations of:

Project focus

For ages 0 to 7, the Bookmobile focuses on increasing early literacy -- particularly preschool visits -- through storytelling, engaging parents in the process and equipping them with the tools they need to help their children succeed. 

For school age children and teens, the Bookmobile focuses on providing access and materials that promote excitement, increase curiosity and boost imagination. 

For adults and families with children, the Bookmobile offers a variety of ways to experience community libraries

For senior adults, the Bookmobile focuses on increasing access not only to the library but also to the rest of the community, resources and activities. 

The service model for the Bookmobile is based upon three principles:

  • Portability: Bringing information, ideas and excitement outside of our walls to underserved communities.
  • Accessibility: Providing resources to patrons of diverse ages, languages, abilities, and backgrounds while introducing new users to their library.
  • Flexibility: Offering library collection that is tailored specifically for the audience at the Bookmobile's destination. 

Anatomy of the KDL Bookmobile

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