Summer Wonder: Youth (ages 5-10)

These are the ages when kids need access to books and reading the most. KDL wants to make sure that kids do not lose ground in the reading gains they’ve made over the school year. All of these activities will keep your child’s brain active and count toward completing the 30-Day Challenge.

To complete Summer Wonder, do 30 days of any of the following activities between June 5 and August 12:

  • Read for 20 minutes or more. Choose from books, magazines, graphic novels, comics and more.
  • Write a story, a letter or journal entry — or check out one of the writing prompts for inspiration (see below).
  • Listen to an audiobook or have a book read to you.
  • Do one of our new art prompts or our awesome and easy STEAM activities (see below).

Track Your Activities, Win Prizes


Youth readers will get to choose a book as their prize for completing Summer Wonder. Actual titles vary by branch.

Youth Prize Examples


Summer Events for Youth

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Writing Prompts

  1. Imagine that you own your very own island. What rules would you set on this island? Who would be allowed to stay on this island? What would the creatures and animals on this island get to do?

  2. Write a how-to guide on planning the best picnic ever!

  3. You are going to the seaside. Make a list of 10 things you need to pack into your suitcase and explain why you need each item.

  4. Have you ever gone to a summer camp? What was it like? If you haven't been to a summer camp, write a fictional story about your ideal experience.

  5. One day you are flying a kite in your backyard when all of a sudden...

Art Prompts

  1. On a piece of paper, place your pen down and draw without picking your pen up.

  2. Do you have a favorite book? Draw a different cover for that book.

  3. Fold a piece of paper in half and draw half an animal on one side. Then have a friend complete the other side of the picture.

  4. Tear some colored paper. Glue the pieces onto a different piece of paper to create a collage (a picture that is made from smaller images being put together).

  5. Using chalk, create a sidewalk chalk zoo!

Try Our STEAM Activities

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