Helping children get ready to read

Research shows that birth through age five is the most important time for children to develop their brains and attitudes towards reading and learning. Play Grow Read gives parents fun ideas and information to help prepare children for school and encourage a lifelong love of reading. From tips and teaching aids for parents to developmental activities for children, Play Grow Read is your early literacy resource! For more information, select a Play Grow Read link below.

Five practices your child needs to get ready to read

Help your child get ready to read with these five practices.

Printable activities

Printable activities and worksheets for your early reader.

2021 Early Literacy Calendar

Help your child get ready to read and write with these fun and simple activities that help grow pre-reading skills.

Simple crafts and activities for early literacy skills

Activities to enhance your child's reading and comprehension abilities.

Activities to do around the house

Talking, singing, reciting rhymes, playing games, sharing books, and listening to music together!

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