Printable Activities

Help your child learn to read with some of these great activities in PDF format to print.

Animal Matching Game

Cut apart the pictures and words. By matching the colors, your child can match the name to the picture, which increases vocabulary. Use the words to tell your child a story. Telling stories is a great way to broaden your child's use of language.

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear Story Cards

Cut apart the pictures, then work together with your child to retell the Brown Bear story. Let your child make up their own story using the pictures. Self-expression stimulates brain development!

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Button Pattern Sequences

Color the buttons and then cut them out. Use the colored buttons to match the pattern. Which color comes next? Can you make a new pattern?

Counting, Shapes, Opposites and Colors Cards

Use these cards to help your child practice counting numbers one through ten and learn their shapes, opposites and colors. Cut them apart and place on rings for travel entertainment.

Domino Alphabet Train

Cut each page down the center and on the dotted lines. Mix up the pieces and then match uppercase and lowercase letters to make a long train. This activity will help in learning letters and help make the connection between upper and lower case. Try making the letter sounds as you go for an added activity.

Emotion Faces

Cut out facial features and move them around on the faces to explore expressions and emotions.

Get Dressed Puzzle

Cut apart these pictures and your child can play with the self-correcting puzzle to learn the names of articles of clothing. Talk with your child about the different words and use them in context. Talking with your child is one of the best ways to help develop language and other early literacy skills.

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Letter Puzzles

Cut apart the puzzles and as you reassemble them, say the names of the pictured items aloud. Talking with your child about the pictures will help increase their vocabulary. Practicing cutting and using puzzles are both great ways to help build fine motor control — an important piece in learning to write!

Orange Pear Apple Bear

Check out the story Orange Pear Apple Bear by Emily Gravett, then enjoy some matching fun with our activity cards. Explore concepts of color, shape and food using only five simple words, as a bear juggles and plays.

Rhyming Cards

Talk and play with rhymes! The ability to hear separate sounds in words is important to prepare children to decode print. Cut apart the pictures and work with your child to match the rhyming pairs.

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Scavenger Hunt Cards

Use these scavenger hunt cards during a road trip, while playing outdoors, or inside on a rainy day.

Word Families

Use these matching cards to help build vocabulary and to work on beginning reading skills. Learning to sort words into word families and seeing how words look alike and sound alike is a helpful tool in learning to rhyme. Rhymers are readers!

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