Community Resources: Literacy


Literacy Center of West Michigan, opens a new window
  • 616-459-5151

Provides one-on-one adult tutoring, English classes, family literacy, business, and workplace services and community literacy initiatives.

Legendary Readers (Elementary Reading Program)

Legendary Readers is a literacy program created by Kent District Library with feedback from local educators to help parents and their children grow as readers. The program objectives include boosting children’s reading skills and love for reading and finding the right books for children.

Senior Neighbors, opens a new window
  • 616-459-6019

Foster grandparents program to mentor at-risk youth. They spend quality time with children and teens each week to reinforce family values and improve academic skills.

SLD Read, opens a new window
  • 616-361-1182

Help individuals with dyslexia, learning differences and other challenges through one-on-one tutoring, assist educators to identify learning challenges and provide training, and increase community awareness and understanding on literacy issues.

Turning Pages, opens a new window
  • 616-243-7323

Provides one-on-one tutoring for children and adults, in reading, writing, and spelling. They also seek to bring awareness to reading disabilities such as dyslexia. 

Downloadable Apps

ABC Reading Magic series, opens a new window

ABC Reading Magic is a five-part series of apps that build off each other to improve three core skills of reading: blending, segmenting, and reading. 

  • Ages: preschool, early elementary
  • iPhone, iPad - $1.99 for full, free trial available

Web Resources for Families

Reading Rockets, opens a new window

Spreads the word about reading instruction and presents "what works" in a way that parents and educators can both understand and use.

Common Lit, opens a new window

CommonLit delivers high-quality, free instructional materials to support literacy development for students in grades 3-12.

PBS Parents, opens a new window

This website provides suggestions on how parents can find ways for their kids to have fun with literacy using these great tips, activities and resources.

KDL Literacy Resources

KDL curated literacy resources for kids, parents and educators.

Michigan eLibrary Resources for Kids, opens a new window

Administered by the Library of Michigan with free access for all Michigan residents, the Michigan eLibrary provides learning, playing, and reading resources for kids.

Professional Resources

Scholastic Teachables

Reading worksheets for classroom use.

American Library Association - Literacy Advocacy, opens a new window

Includes toolkits and other information for librarians seeking to advance literacy in their communities.

International Literacy Association Choices Reading Lists, opens a new window

Each year, thousands of children, young adults, and educators around the United States select their favorite recently published books for the Choices Reading Lists.

Read, Write, Think, opens a new window

Provides educators, parents, and afterschool professionals with access to the highest quality practices in reading and language arts instruction by offering the very best in free materials.

Super Teacher, opens a new window

Reading worksheets for classroom use.

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